Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Blackjack WM6 Update - Problems?

I upgraded my Samsung Blackjack phone to Windows Mobile 6 last week,and on balance, I really like the new OS.  Pocket Outlook, in particular, is a huge improvement over the WM5 version.  But after using WM6 for a week, I've noticed a few things I am not quite happy about:

  • About 3 times a day, the buttons on the phone stop working.  I can't even turn the phone off with the power button!  At this point, all I can do is pop out the battery and hard cycle the phone.
  • Battery life seems to be much shorter than with WM5.  I think I have all the "auto update" features turned off again after the update, but its possible I've missed something new.
  • Reception is lousy!!  I can't imagine how software would affect the radio reception levels, other than lower battery life means less power for the radio... 

I've talked to a few folks at work who upgraded and have had some of these issues, but not all (I guess I'm the only person with the button problem so far).  I'm not sorry I upgraded, yet... we'll see if Samsung's tech support can do anything about it.


Anonymous said...

I'm having the same issues. AT&T said call Samsung. Samsung said give us your phone for 2 weeks and we will set it back to WM5. This release seems a total blunder.

troye said...

yes, wm6 on the blackjack is a waste.

i think they did it so that the blackjack-1 with wm6 would not interfere with sales of the newer bj2 that had came a short time (about a year) after it's predecessor.

i'm making a youtube video about it.

Joe Future said...

Yeah, seems like that. Send us a link to your video when its online!