Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Eco Geeking at Home

Since we bought our house last year, a 40 year old "Leave It To Beaver" traditional house, we've made quite a few updates to help green it up.  To date, we've made the following eco-friendly updates:

  • Removed all the old asbestos-laden popcorn ceilings
  • Replaced all ceiling-mounted light fixtures with fluorescent fixtures that look like they belong in a home, not a mall
  • Replaced all incandescent bulbs inside and outside the house with compact fluorescent bulbs
  • Added 14" of cellulose-based insulation to the attic
  • Converted the log fireplace to a ventless gas insert (99% efficient!)
  • Installed EnergyStar washer and dryer units
  • Replaced weather stripping in strategic places around doors and windows & caulked where necessary
  • Started composting and got really serious about recylcing everything we can, reducing our garbage output by ~20%

Of course, there's a LOT more I would like to do.  When our water heater dies, I'll replace it with a tankless heater.  For example, we're still cooking with electric heat and really should change to gas.  The windows all need to be replaced, and our fridge probably uses as much energy as your local industrial park... but all in good time. 

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