Tuesday, February 12, 2008

PointUI, the definitive user interface for mobile devices.


I don't have time right to run down all the awesome features of this custom UI for Windows Mobile devices, but quickly:

1. it's free

2. it's awesome

3. it's free

For touchscreen devices, this gives you iPhone-like gesture control for key phone, PIM, and media player functions.  For non-touchscreen devices, it's still WAY slicker than the standard UI.

The current version (1.02b) has a few issues on the Blackjack w/ WM6, such as the screen being rotated 90 degrees, but I'm sure they'll work that out in an upcoming (free) version.  You have to love it when some independent developer comes up with such a great UI and builds an instant community of support around it. 

Try it and be sure to send this guy a donation for his efforts!

Pointui, the definitive user interface for mobile devices.

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