Thursday, February 28, 2008

Time Warner's Lost Opportunity

I got a call last night from Time Warner Cable with a "great offer" for existing customers to get a discount on VOIP service.  Previously, when I had their service, it cost me nearly $45/month for a decent package including unlimited long distance and voicemail.  According to the rep I spoke with, he was offering the same for $29.95/month for life. 

Given my history of having fun with sales droids, I pressed for clarification...  It turns out the "unlimited long distance" was really "unlimited local long distance", meaning calls to North and South Carolina were included and all other calls were $0.02 per minute.  Having discovered this, I was feeling frisky and pressed on...

"So, I was thinking of switching to Vonage.  They actually offer a better package for $5/less per month than the special deal you're offering me.  Can you match that on a feature-by-feature basis and match the price?"

That basically ended the conversation - the TWC rep told me they couldn't adjust their prices and thanked me for my time.

So, anyone out there have Vonage and want the free "refer a friend" credit when I sign up?

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