Friday, February 29, 2008


Argh!  I was literally 2 edits away from being able to e-file my taxes tonight when suddenly my TurboTax file is somehow corrupted, and every time I edit one of my stock transactions to try to fix it, TT crashes!!  I've posted in their community forums asking for help, but I expect I'll have to call customer support tomorrow when I've calmed down a bit.  I just hope nothing else is corrupted and I don't have to start all over!  urgh.

Update:  On the phone with tech support now.  The problem is even stranger than before now.  Whenever I click "remove schedule D", it apparently succeeds without errors but makes no change to my file - schedule D is still there in its corrupted state!

So they're having me uninstall the CD version I bought and download a new copy.  I'll be shocked if it works.  They don't seem to understand that my file is corrupted!

Downloaded and reinstalled the copy (ignoring their suggestion to turn off antivirus and firewall and uninstall the .NET Framework).  Tried a different path to removing the data this time - removing a "speed entry worksheet".  From there, I removed all the individual cap gains worksheets.  When I returned to the schedule D wizard page, I now have 17 transactions listed with no data and the word "untitled" for each. 

As a Software Test Manager by trade, I have a strong suspicion of how this happened, and I understand how bugs can be missed.  What's completely inexcusable is that TurboTax's tech support seems to have no details for solving this problem nor any tools for cleaning up a corrupted tax file.  That's the first thing I'd be outfitting my support team with.  They also didn't realize that the memory dump files were being sent to Intuit, not to Microsoft.  So I really hope they have some engineer dedicated to analyzing crash dumps and issuing patches.  I hope.

Back to the drawing board...

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