Sunday, March 23, 2008 Tests Fuel Economy Myths


With gas as high as $3.50 per gallon for regular recently, it should be more obvious than ever that saving fuel just makes good sense.  When I fill up my Civic Hybrid each month (once/month, 10 gallons, $35 max), I think back to those days of paying through the nose to speed around in my Ford Explorer or Honda Pilot.  I'm making up for the sins of my past with 48-52 mpg tanks month after month and just shake my head at the thought of how much gas I used to waste.

By changing your driving habits and by using and maintaining your car correctly, you can improve fuel economy up to 38 percent...

I've been blogging about "green driving" tips for almost 2 years now, but I've never taken the time to really experiment with various techniques.  Luckily, has the time and has put several efficiency techniques to the test.  The results are astonishing - even to me!  Using non-hybrid cars, they got up to 38% better mileage through smart driving. 

Even big rig drivers are doing it.  What are you waiting for?

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