Monday, March 31, 2008

Kevin Daly working on a Windows Mobile Twitter client (and my wishlist)

I'm a huge fan of Kevin Daly's Windows Mobile blogging app, Diarist.  I've been using various incarnations of if for the past few years on my PocketPCs and most recently on my Blackjack (review coming soon).  Recently, Kevin tweeted that he was testing his WM Twitter client!  This is great news for anyone with a WM phone and a data plan.  I'm expecting some pretty great software here, as Kevin has a real eye for implementing the right features in the right order and writes solid code.  He's been very receptive to feedback on Diarist in the past, which is also a sign of a great developer, in my opinion.  I'll be keeping in contact with him to (hopefully) get an early drop to try out. 

As you know, I've been using TinyTwitter recently and in general, it's very very good.  I'm by no means a Twitter "power user", but I have already come up with a wishlist of features I'd like to see added to it.  Hopefully Kevin will implement these in his client too:

  • Update profile pictures when users change their pictures. 
  • Allow multiple Twitter profiles with quick switching.  For folks like me with a few Twitter personas, I think this would be a killer feature.  As it stands, I simply have to change credentials every time I want to tweet or follow as someone else.
  • A Today screen plug-in with say the last 3 tweets from your friends
  • A way to search for and follow new Twitter users from the mobile client instead of having to use the web interface
  • Super fast load time - this is, of course, stream of conscious stuff, and any time spent waiting for a progress bar to fill out while the client loads is just frustrating.
  • The ability to follow links in tweets from your friends.  TinyTwitter doesn't seem to have this capability.

I was actually thinking of working on my own client until I saw Kevin's news.  Now that I know he's on the job, I'll hold off because I know he'll do a much better job than I could :)\

To stay in touch with what Kevin's working on, go read his blog.

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TestKev said...

Currently I just grab the photos/avatars from the link at runtime (but it's off by default to save load time and bandwidth).
Enabling links would require a little Regex to identify them as such, no biggy - but I can see a possible security issue. Any thoughts on whether that's a legitimate concern?
Adding following wouldn't be hard, I just haven't bothered yet...I'll have to check whether searching is exposed via the API.
I hadn't thought of fast switching...a v 2.0 feature? I'd need to write a bit of credential management plumbing.
I'll put looking into Today Screen plugins on my to-list...I steered clear of them in the past because the story wasn't good for managed code, I'll see what it's like now.

PS. I now have prettier icons. And that's what really counts, of course.