Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New Podcast: Quick and Dirty Tips for Living Green

I just found  new podcast from the Quick and Dirty series on living green.  Q&D also does the wildly popular podcasts Money Girl, Grammar Gal, Mighty Mommy, etc.  "Make-It-Green Girl" is now 'casting on simple tips to make your life more eco-friendly.  As of today, there are 7 episodes available on iTunes, so you can easily catch up from the beginning.

The first episode I listened to was MIGG's tips on saving at the pump.  I really liked her analogy to riding a bike and how thinking about driving in the same way you'd think about riding a bike can help you drive more efficiently.  Her initial set of tips was pretty high level, but she promises more green driving tips are coming.

Keep an eye on this podcast... it's going to be very popular!

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