Monday, July 7, 2008

Tire Wear Issues on 2006/2007 Honda Civics

I recently learned about a service bulletin for 2006/2007 Honda Civics that might be responsible for my tire wear issues. I had to replace my tires around 16k miles due to severe wear causing vibrations while I drove. Aligning/rotating/balancing didn't make any difference. Now, at nearly 32k miles, I'm starting to feel the vibrations again.

Honda has issued a service bulletin describing how the rear control arms were manufactured out of spec for these model years of the Honda Civic (and in my case, including the Hybrid variation). This is apparently not being treated as a recall class issue, however. Civic-related forums all over the web are full of discussions about this particular service bulletin with reports ranging from "quick and simple replacement + new tires with a smile" to dealers refusing to help customers with the problem.

I took my car in today to get this investigated. Also, over the weekend, my battery died, and after jumping it my ABS system is malfunctioning and the car won't auto-stop anymore. I'm really hoping all of this is covered under warranty and that the dealer takes a proactive/friendly/helpful approach. I'll post back once they've called me to discuss what's wrong with the car (though it's looking less and less likely I'll get it back today since it's nearly 2pm and they haven't called yet to get repair authorization!).

To the gentleman I met in the shuttle riding back to work, please check out the "hypermiling" tag on the tag cloud to the right in this blog to see tips on how you can get better than 35-40mpg in this car. With a couple of relatively easy changes in driving habits, you could probably easily get to 45-46mpg and with serious dedication you could get 52-55mpg around the Triangle.

Update (7/8/2008): I got a call last night that the dealer is taking care of the control arms and the ABS system under my warranty! I feel pretty good about how they're handling it all and I'm really looking forward to getting my car back!

Update (7/9/2008): I got my car back today with the ABS and auto-stop mode fixed.  The control arms are on order and should hopefully come in later this week.  I still need to do my 30k maintenance, change my air filter, etc.  Too bad they didn't do that while they had it for 3 days :(

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Joe Future --

Hi there! My name's Tim Nelson, and I work for ABC 11 here in the Triangle. We're hoping to do a story where we drive around with a Triangle-area hypermiler. Was wondering if you'd be willing to help us -- and other drivers -- out. Please shoot me an email at