Friday, August 8, 2008

Hybrid Jerk - Battling Ignorance and Arrogance in the Eco Age

It's bad enough when non-handicapped people park in spaces reserved for the handicapped.  Now we have a new ignorance to battle.  "Hybrid Parking Only" spaces are popping up in more progressive areas more and more, yet we still see blatant displays of defiance.  Note, this is *not* a Hybrid Tahoe, but rather a standard EPA-rated 14 city / 20 highway (yeah right) Chevy Valdez. 

All I can say is, this person is paying the stupid tax to fill his tank.  Let eco-Darwinism prevail. 


A big thanks to Ed for the photo!


Adam said...

Why in the world are their hybrid-only parking places? It makes sense for handicapped folks or pregnant mothers. But the fact that your vehicle has a slightly unique powertrain dictates preferential parking? Ugh.

Joe Future said...

I see it as incentive to get more fuel efficient cars on the road. I'm not sure I would quite limit it to hybrid cars, but it would be tough to prove "50mpg+ only"-ness of a car.