Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rant – It’s the little charges that show a company’s true character

I use a certain well known VOIP service that starts with a V and ends with AGE.  You know who you are.  Apparently, they’re more than willing to let you move up to a more expensive plan at any time.  In my case, I temporarily moved to a plan that included unlimited worldwide calling.  The plan was active immediately and there was no charge to change plans.

When I moved back down to the normal domestic-only plan, however, I was told the plan wouldn’t take effect until the start of my next billing cycle (hehe.. I accidentally had typed “bilking cycle” there), and there was a $9.99 charge (plus tax) for an “activation fee”.

Honestly, I would probably not have been so bothered by this if they had also charged me to move to a more expensive plan.  But this just reeks of greed.  It’s little charges like this that show you a company’s true character.  Don’t ever think a company like this is in it for the customers.